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Retail Security

At TSS, the ever-evolving digital transformation strategy we have positions us as an industry leader in delivering technology within the security sector. Our innovations and results enable us to strike a balance between the use of technology and physical resources to protect people, premises and assets.

We have flexible solutions to suit various scenarios, which allows us to identify the right solution to suit your business and security needs.

Retail Security Professionals

At TSS, we are specialists in the retail sector and are renowned for providing top quality uniformed officers who focus on providing your customers with the best service possible. Our flexible solutions suit various scenarios, which allow us to identify the right officer with the right level of training that they need to be developed and deployed. Our fast response is available 24/7 every day of the year to attend to intruder alarm activations – removing the potential threat to your keyholders and your premises.

Tech-based Solutions

TSS has a variety of technical security solutions at its disposal; we are able to offer a bespoke package to every customer. Over the years, we have invested heavily in the right technology to continuously improve our service and remain agile in the security sector. Our CCTV services allow self-delivery and through a network of partners, we can build solutions using a provider that is right for you. Working alongside our advanced video analytics package, they can be used to identify risk issues proactively.

Manned Security Services with TSS

Surveillance Units

We’ve partnered with several customers who identify a need for purpose-built manned Surveillance units, which included static and PTZ cameras as standard. Our Manned observation vans and covert cars have been deployed since 2018 and since then have supported the reduction of anti-social behaviour and incidents, whilst increasing customer safety.

Technology for Customers
and Employees

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