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Crime Hub

TSS will provide you scientific insights on how to manage your resources proactively. By bringing together data from national, regional, internal and external sources we help identify the highest risk areas in your estate and we will recommend and provide you with the right service to protect your people, property and assets.

At TSS, we offer a range of intelligence-led crime prevention services to support you.

Picture of the TSS Crime Hub

Our Risk-based Approach

At TSS we support our customers by aligning our focus to their business objectives and technical requirements. Our tailored risk model brings together intelligence and security knowledge from our years of experience in the industry, coupled with crime statistics, Government data and geographical demographics.

From this we are able to build a holistic picture of our customer’s estates, helping us to provide recommendations supported by science. We ensure each customer receives the right resource, at the right time, whether physical or electronic.

Our Data Sources…

…and bringing the data together

How data is used in the TSS Crime Hub

Benefits of Our Risk Based Approach

Benefits of the Risk-Based Approach

Current Challenges

At TSS, we recognise the current challenges and risks that have the potential to affect your business and operation. We utilise our years of sector-based knowledge and experience to provide you with associated solutions.

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