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Model of Excellence

Here at TSS, we are committed to supporting career development, demonstrated through the number of successful promotions that we’ve seen from role of Security Officers to Head Office Management.

Our TSS family would all agree that without doubt, Zee Bux was a great attribute to the TSS family, either as a Security Officer or an Area Manager.

December 2020, Zee started an incredible new journey working with one of the fastest growing technology businesses in the world, please join us in celebrating Zee’s amazing journey by reading some words Zee has put together of his career journey so far…


“Career development takes place when you put in dedication, initiative and hard work. These attributes are fundamental to success in a short amount of time, as they never go unnoticed.

5 years of my successful career with Total Security Services was something I wanted to share with officers, Area Supervisors & Managers alike; I hope this is something that will help you to gain insight into my profession and enable you to enhance your career pathway.

I started my role in TSS as a security officer in 2006, whilst in my early years of higher education. The job provided me with confidence, passion and discipline. At such a young age, I was responsible for health and safety and loss prevention within my delegated retail store. I always thrived on doing more to improve on related issues and my manager always acknowledged and supported me to go the extra mile. I was continuously encouraged and rewarded for my efforts. This only led to my temptation to succeed further.

In 2008 I left TSS, as part of my development to work as a Retail Team Manager. I took advantage of my sandwich course at University to gain skills in management. Throughout the 8 years, I faced some lows as I continued to move up. Fortunately, my manager knew I was worth the investment and kept pushing me to be better. I gradually moved to another store and was working under a new manager. She gave her time to each individual and was very thorough on her expectations. This, again, gave me my organisational skills within a busy environment. Towards the end of this chapter in my career, I was rewarded with outstanding performance and a generous pay increment.

I was still determined and wanted to succeed and develop. An opportunity arose and I never imagined to be back to where I started but in a new role as an Area manager 2016. My performance as a security officer did not go unseen, which I highly appreciate and has led me to this path. My role at TSS was client focused and heavily dependant on people management. This became a challenge. I really thought my organisational skills were exceptional, but I was wrong.

I spent most of my time working very closely with seniors and inhaling as much knowledge and skills as I could. It was fundamental for me to build relationships, have good listening skills and being firm with my team. I learnt here, without good relationships it was very difficult to meet targets, this was key and I pursued to overcome this.

I learnt to gain the trust of my peers, managers and most importantly, our clients.

My personality was always to be of service to others and whilst I dedicated my time and effort in this, I learnt more from them, which contributed to my personal development. It became a norm to hear my name echoing positively in the office. I have always been ambitious and desired to go above and beyond for a company whose goals have been aligned with the employees interest. Working with TSS, I could clearly perceive their enthusiasm to my development within the company. TSS mgmt. team have always ensured to provide a high quality service with a multi-skilled workforce. Working with individuals from different backgrounds and personalities allowed me to be patient and empathetic. My time at TSS has shown me, if you are determined and ambitious, this will be recognised and TSS will always be the company who invests in individuals.

I always emphasised; security officers are not born, they are created and created by the best at TSS.

Today, I am working with one of the fastest growing technology businesses in the world, and I owe my success to my colleagues and friends who have worked alongside me in my journey.

Throughout this journey, I have learnt it is extremely important to build relationships, gain knowledge from every experience and to work smart and excel. Determination is key for progression and once you are content, you will become complacent where you are, or someone more determined will replace you.

TSS has been a great experience for me and working here over the years, I have accomplished extraordinarily and gained a new family.”

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