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Logistics Learning & Agility in the Face of Covid

Logistics Learning

A major high street retailer recognized a shortfall in their distribution security provision, particularly with regards to the training provided to their security officers.

On taking over the contract, TSS worked with the client to completely redesign the security training provision. This involved operational management, L&D and IT to create a completely bespoke approach, all headed up by an Account Director to give the client a single point of contact into the breadth and depth of support resource TSS have.

The output of this was a “Karate Belt” training package with different grades to take the officer through as they develop. The “Karate Belt” nomenclature was used to make it a bit of fun and far more memorable as an approach for the officers. Within this face to face training was delivered by our in-house training teams and well as other elements being delivered on our E Learning platform. The end result of this was a far more engaged and better trained security provision better able to meet the customers needs.

Agility in the Face of Covid

The world moved quickly in the face of the Covid Pandemic, providing security to a number of major supermarkets TSS officers were very much on the front line. During the pandemic there was a major shift at one point were the supermarkets took a far more robust approach to the policing of facemask usage. At this point feedback from the customer, and our own incident reporting, showed there was an increase in incidents in people challenging this need to wear masks, some maliciously doing so.

TSS quickly produced a training video for all officers showing a number of scenarios and how to deal with these, this bringing the subject matter to life in a far better way than a standard memo. In this case supply of guarding was provided by a number of other companies as well as TSS. In the interests of the customer TSS provided this video for use free of charge by all the clients suppliers, such that a consistent message was delivered.

The result of this agile training intervention was a significant reduction in incidents regarding conflict over the wearing of facemasks.